A Partnering Ministry to Young Adults with ABCNJ, PBA & ABCOPAD   

The Problem -    

    There are many challenges facing our churches today.  One of the greatest is the lack of ministry efforts in reaching and keeping young adults.  Many researchers have labeled this group the “forgotten group”, as the group that is most misunderstood.  There is a real and growing disconnect in our churches on how to reach young adults 18-29. What is desperately needed is an intentional response of ministry efforts to this age group that involves care and compassion from all generations working together to reach across all diversities with the hope of Christ.  


The Ministry Purpose -

    We desire to begin a collaborative ministry using online education tools, social media networking and educational/ministry gatherings to start an ongoing ministry with the sole purpose of reaching 18-29 year olds. The basis of this ministry will be established to help churches understand what this age group deems important in our world and how it intersects and connects them to Christ’s prophetic words of “take care of the least of these.”   The training aspect of this ministry will provide focus on how to connect and partner with this age group through discipleship and modeling prophetic justice through engaging in experiential learning as we see it lived out in the Holy Scriptures.  This will provide a missional focus for our churches to reach outside their walls with hope of Christ.

The Impact -

Our regions combined, represent over 700 congregations. We believe the possibilities of impact can be far reaching.  We hope to see:

     - A growing desire by our congregations to reach 18-29 year olds.

     - A movement by churches to combine young adults’ desire for service with

                connecting points to faith experiences. 

    -  More young adults attending church and/or in ministry service opportunities.

    -  More utilization of online tools by our congregations for ministry purpose

    -  A mentorship program developed where 18-29 year olds serve a younger             

       generation and/or generations above are mentoring 18-29 year olds.

For more information you can contact the Rev. Eric Kraihanzel at ejk1970@gmail.com or 610-410-5871.