ABCOPAD Youth Ministries

Regional Pastor for Student Ministries

Rev. Eric J. Kraihanzel

     Eric has been actively serving teens for the past 20 years as a youth pastor and camp pastor/director. Currently, he is serving on the staff of the American Baptist Churches of PA & DE as the Regional Pastor for Student Ministries. Through this position he speaks at youth retreats, conducts adult leader training and supports churches and camps through personal consultation. Eric also serves full-time at Eastern University as the Program Director for Youth Ministry Leadership, EU's online Youth Ministry undergraduate program.  He also serves as the Pastor of Camping Ministries for Camp Ichthus, which is located in Palmerton, PA.  

     Eric is a gifted communicator and loves to share with teens how they can make a real impact for the Kingdom of God. He often travels to teach and train people in the local church on how to have an effective youth ministry. His goal is to reach and train adults to pass their faith on to teens so they in turn can pass it on to their unsaved friends.

     Eric lives in Bethlehem, PA with his wife Heather and three boys - Benjamin, Nathan and Jacob. He holds an M.A. of Christian Ministry from Biblical Theological Seminary with a concentration in Practical Theology and a B.A. in Youth Ministry from Eastern University.

Need some help?

If you would like to ask Eric a question or would like to inquire about having him visit your church, you can contact him by either emailing him at or calling him at 610-410-5871.