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Why is child safety training important for my church?

In recent years, our society has begun to understand the widespread nature of child sexual abuse. Studies estimate that one female child out of every three and one male child out of seven will be sexually abused before reaching eighteen years of age.


Conservative estimates reveal nearly 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse living in America today.


Sexual abuse should never happen in ministry, but the Church and Christian ministries have experienced the devastating impact. Families and lives have been shattered. Churches have been sued; ministries devastated.


Sexual abuse is not limited to any racial, ethnic, or socio-economic class. It is no respecter of any religious denomination or creed. Sexual abuse can happen anywhere.


Parents allow their children to participate in Christian ministries for the positive experience of Christian growth, fellowship and spiritual mentoring. Obviously, this positive experience is shattered if a child is sexually abused while participating.


Advantages to Using Protect My Ministries Program Ministry Mobilizer

Ministry Mobilizer is a paperless risk management solution that helps faith- based organizations manage risk and mobilize volunteers for ministry. Vol- unteers are able to apply online for ministry opportunities, which eliminates the time you spend entering applicants online, chasing volunteers for forms, updating files, storing critical documents and more.

The Ministry Mobilizer Program helps by providing -

1. A Paperless solution for PA background checks.

     -  PA Criminal Record Check and the PA Human Services Child Abuse

        Clearance Check can be done through the program and held in a

        secure file in the cloud.  

2. Access to run seperate background checks including -

     - National Sex Offender Check

     - National Criminal Record Check

     - Address History

     - SSN Verification

     - Driving History

     - Credit Check

3. Online Child Protection Training for Volunteers & Employees which

     includes access to online instructional videos.

4. Employee and Volunteer Tracking/Data Base for rescreening & gift

    inventory for serving in the congregation.

Watch the recorded webinar from February 12th on Youtube.  Click on the word webinar above.