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Employee & Volunteer Child Protection POLICY INFO

Why a Childern & Teen Protection Policy is Important & Necessary?

Having a child protection policy that mandates everyone to participate in the appropriate background checks and training will help with:

1.  Warding off potential predators who would otherwise rely on keeping their identity and criminal history hidden, a.ka. pre-screening.

2. Will reveal background reports/criminal history of applicants to determine suitability for staff and volunteer positions, for example:

     - anyone with a history of sexual abuse or violence should not be working with     


     - anyone with a recent history of credit problems, drunk driving, theft, or other recent

       criminal activity should not be put in a position of authority, or have access to

       finances or vehicles

3. Provide information for appropriate behaviors/interaction with children and teenagers and how to identify possible child abuse.

4. Provides guidance for interviewing potential employees and volunteers.  


     Conducting personal interviews is the most effective screening tool (according to     

     research conducted by the American Bar Association) .

5. Also - experience has shown that next to personal interviews

     - increasing staff awareness

     - staff and supervisory training

     - comprehensive supervision

     - background checks

     â€¦are among the more effective tools for minimizing the risks of sexual abuse and

     molestation of minors; all are required in order to fully protect your ministry.



Watch the recorded webinar from February 12th on Youtube.  Click on the word webinar above.